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Our Services

Tax Preparation

"Let me have your tax season stress - I'm equipped for it!"

Tax Return Preparation: Are you sure you are getting all of your deductions?

IRS Notices: Let me level the playing field on this unnerving issue.

Quarterly Estimates: Even out your tax burden during the year, don't get caught with a huge tax debt all at once.


Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

"Let me be your CFO while you grow!"

Monthly Bookkeeping Services: Do you know where your money goes? Let me help you find it.

Compilations: I help you have all the detail you need.

Review: Do you need a business loan? Then you need a review.

Payroll Services: You've paid all your employees, now what? Don't risk a payroll audit.



Small Business Consulting

"Don't let the rules and regulations hold you back!"

Start Up: Partnership, Corporation, LLC - Need help deciding what's right for you?

In house Accounting Help: Let me help you find qualified people.

Starting A Non-Profit:  I keep you true to your mission.

Quickbooks Assistance

"Let me help you create meaningful financial reports"

Do You Ever Ask: Well it is "quick" and it is my "books" so why don't they look right? Let me help.